Employee Development is the Key to Success

Human Capital is the most important element in today’s organizations overall strategy. It is Equally important to assessing and improving their capability as adopting a new process or developmental model for the enhancement of organization itself. Either it is the tools & Technology like Implementing ERP, CRM, SFA or the Process Enhancement Exercise, every effort will be in vein if not executed properly by employees. So the keys lies with sucessful employee developmental plan and proper execution

Career and development planning are critical elements of a successful human resource strategy for growing tomorrow’s workforce: one that involves setting individual professional development goals that are linked to the goals of your organization.

  • Associate development plans wit them and set development tasks according to the employees overall appraisal score, a particular competency rating, or by a competency section score. Establish learning and training objectives based on the skills, knowledge and abilities that must be enhanced or acquired for successful career progression.
    • Ensure that the specialized skills, knowledge and behaviors that must be developed to meet compliance standards are understood and incorporated into individual development plans.
    • Easily import training courses or learning objects from your LMS or database.
    • Managers simply select courses or learning objects from a categorized list – or add new items to the list.
    • Create a rewarding, customized career path for each employee that is linked to the goals, mission, and strategy of the organization.
    • Instantly view corporate, group or individual course loads for the year. Build your financial organization’s training and development requirements and help employees and managers track progress to completion.
    • Track employee, group or corporate development status with comprehensive manager level reports with drill down capabilities.
    • Identify gaps between an employee’s current competencies and the competencies required to tackle new challenges and opportunities.
    • Gauge the level of skill possessed by your workforce by understanding the competencies key to your organization’s success and the abilities required in each role.
    • With Multi-rater, gather company-wide feedback on every competency integral to the role as part of the assessment and ensure the most comprehensive evaluation possible.
  • Implement an effective succession plan through a program of targeted education and training that builds “bench strength” for the future.
  • Link strategic planning with appropriate potential candidates as part of a succession plan or talent management strategy.
  • Reduce attrition and employee dissatisfaction.

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